Are there different styles of Wooden Shutters?


Deva blinds and shutters offer a number of different styles of Plantation shutters:

Full Height which covers the window from top to bottom with a single panel or panels.

Tier-on-tier which consists of two or more panels over the height of the window, allowing the independent opening of the panels.

Cafe style which is a panel or panels covering the lower portion of the window generally half way up or to a point such as a horizontal glazing bar.

Additionally Deva blinds and shutters can produce arched, angled and curved shutters which are manufactured from templates taken at the time of the survey. Shutters can be fitted with a number of different size blades and painted to any colour of the rainbow. Deva blinds and shutters also has a wide range of timber stain finishes that in almost all situations can be coloured matched to existing joinery or furniture.


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