Are Shutters expensive?


Plantation shutters used to be very pricey. In fact, if you had to ask the price you probably couldn’t afford them.
That has all changed now. At Deva blinds and shutters, we buy our shutters directly from the factory, bringing you huge savings. Deva blinds and shutter’s clients are continuously surprised by the good value of their shutters, and often after the initial presentation extend the order to include more windows than originally anticipated.

Shutters from Deva blinds and shutters start from an inclusive fitted price of

£220 per square metre.

Plantation shutter are often more cost effective than curtains and are also an investment for your home in the same way as you would consider a new bathroom, kitchen or wood flooring. They are an appreciating product and will add value to you property unlike curtains which will not necessarily appeal to a prospective purchaser. Everybody loves plantation shutters!


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