Plantation Shutters


The biggest thing to come to window coverage in recent years are Plantation Shutters.  Plantation shutters are the in thing… They offer total style and chic.

With both my Grandfathers being Carpenters there is no surprise that I love to work with wood.  I will never forget the smell of wood shavings in their workshops.

There is nothing more sophisticated and stylish than our Plantation Shutters.

Made from FSC certified hardwood or MDF, these are quality Shutters that will last for years.  Blinds are a temporary thing, how many of you have replaced your vertical blinds for Wooden venetian blinds, your shutters will be there forever.

There are many options when considering Plantation Shutters, is it privacy or shade that you want? We can advise you as to how to get the best out of your blinds and have a truly gorgeous window covering.

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