Thermal Blackout Blinds

Energy saving, total blackout - EcoBlinds

Traditionally if you wanted a blackout blind, we would offer you either a roller blind or better still a perfect fit blackout blind.  Unfortunately light always creeps round these blinds.

Eco thermal blackout blinds not only give you total darkness but they give you great thermal savings of up to 47%.  In the summer solar gain is often a problem and again Eco thermal blackout blinds help.  Having a white reflective backing these blinds help keep your room cool by bouncing the sun’s heat back and keeping your room cool.

Deva blinds believe that all blinds should be child safe and are pleased that Eco thermal blackout blinds have no trailing looped cords, thus making them ideal to fit in young children’s bedrooms.  We are often asked by Mothers to be or recent new Mothers for a blackout blind for the babies room.  We used to fit a blackout roller blind either inside or outside the recess of a window but with a trailing cord.  This was secured with a P clip to trap the cord, but nothing beats an Eco thermal blackout blind.

Please have a look at the Eco thermal brochure brochure here.

Eco thermal blackout blind

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