Pleated blinds

We are pleased to announce our latest pleated blind collection.  Much modernised and improved, pleated blinds, once just used in conservatories, have grown and grown in popularity and are now used on any window.

Pleated blinds can be used as a free hung blind, much in the same way as a roller blind.  They can also be used in a pre-tensioned configuration where the blind moves up and down a pre-tensioned nylon cord which is fixed on the bottom of the window or door.  The advantage here is that the blind can move with the opening, be it either a window or a door.  Pleated blinds are also available as a Perfect fit blind. This is the same as a pre-tensioned, but with the advantage of the blind being in-cased in an aluminium frame which is then clipped, without the need to drill to PVC windows and doors.

Pleated blinds are available in blackout, dim out, flame retardant and with solar reflective properties.  We are even able to offer you a day-night blind, where during the day you get privacy and shade from the sun and then at night time you move your blind to blackout, all for a perfect nights sleep.

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