Energy Saving Blinds

Keep your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer and keep more money in your pocket.

Thermostop venetian blinds are treated with a reflective silver backing.  You simply tilt the reflective slat towards the room during the winter to conserve heat and turn it outwards in the summer to bounce the heat back.  These blinds are available in 5 popular colours and are available in 25mm.

Duette Fixe honeycombe pleated blinds can cut heat by up to 34% during the winter (double glazed window) and even more on a single glazed window.  They also reduce the heat by the same amount in the summer by reducing heat gain.

The double walled honeycombe design forms an air pocket and thermal barrier and insulator, keeping heat in during the winter and heat out in the summer.  Insulation values are extremely high with the blackout range that has a metal film incorporated, perfect for darkening and further aiding insulation.

These blinds are available in a Perfect Fit frame, an aluminium cassette that we can fit, drill free to any double glazed unit.  Perfect fit is ideal for privacy, as there is no gap to the side of the blind.

We are now pleased to offer Thermal Blackout blinds please look at them here.

Have a look at this BBC news report here.


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